Как да се подготвиш за лазерна епилация

How to prepare for laser hair removal? Here are 7 easy steps!

Waxing, epilation, shaving – we all use these standard methods for removal of unwanted hair. But no matter how comfortable we are with them, there is no way to deny their greatest shortcoming – their very short effect length, and the need to constantly set aside time to do them. Laser hair removal is the […]

Кой вид лазерна епилация е най-подходящ за теб?

Which type of laser hair removal is best for you?

In order to experience the freedom of smooth skin, you have to not only choose a quality laser center with a good team, but to also to be aware of the different types of laser hair removal and what the differences between them are. In order to help you, in this article we will tell […]