Искаш по-малко нежелано окосмяване? Ето 6 начина да го постигнеш!


Although it takes a lot of time and effort (especially when relying on shaving or waxing), hair removal is a task which is definitely worth it. It creates a feeling of complete freedom and unmatched comfort, and seems to be the final touch to your ideal look. If you want to always have smooth skin, you may choose from a variety of aesthetic treatments.


This is the most popular (and seemingly inexpensive) option for coping with excess hair. Unfortunately, it is also the most impermanent. It has been found that hairs start to come out only a few hours after their removal. Although easy to perform, even at the last moment before an important date, shaving takes away your precious time and makes your skin drier and more irritated. It also increases the risk of ingrown hairs, leading to very uncomfortable inflammation.


Waxing is the second most popular way to remove unwanted hair. It is recommended to do it at least every 2 weeks. In order for it to work, the hairs must be at least 1 cm long to be pulled away from the follicle. Very often, however, they are just partially detached – especially when they are thicker and stronger.

Other disadvantages of this cosmetic procedure are that it is very painful (especially in sensitive areas), there is a risk of burning your skin (when using hot wax) and again creates a risk of ingrown hairs.

The epilator is an alternative to waxing, but the mechanism of action is almost the same. Here again, the hairs need to be slightly longer and may be torn instead of completely plucked out. The procedure is painful in the softer areas of the body, and the appearance of subcutaneous hair is almost guaranteed.


Depilatory creams are a convenient and relatively inexpensive method for removing body hair. They should be used with extreme caution, especially if the skin is sensitive. Due to their chemical mode of action, using them carries the risk of burning and allergic reaction. If you accidentally leave the cream on for longer than instructed, you may cause the skin to darken


This is an extremely painful method to permanently remove excess hair, which is not widespread. It introduces a small and extremely thin needle into the hair follicle, through which electrical current passes. This energy destroys the follicle, preventing hair from recurring.

The process is very uncomfortable for the patient and takes extremely long, as each follicle of hair is treated one at a time. For large areas (such as the legs, back, and abdomen), the procedure is very labor-intensive and quite expensive. Sometimes additional procedures even need to be made, which cannot be determined in advance. Additionally, the risk of skin pigmentation is also very high.


Laser hair removal is the best method to remove unwanted hair, which has truly permanent results.

With it, the laser beam is absorbed by the hair, passes along its length, reaches the hair follicle and destroys it thermally. No new follicle appears in its place. This is how the formation of new hairs is stopped.

Unlike other alternatives, laser hair removal (done with high-quality equipment such as Venus Velocity) does not carry unpleasant sensations with it. The people who undergo such a procedure say they feel tickling or tingling, but not pain. Laser sessions are conducted once every 45 days and their recommended number varies from 6 to 12, depending on the area. If necessary, a maintenance procedure is performed once a year, too.


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