Кой вид лазерна епилация е най-подходящ за теб?

Which type of laser hair removal is best for you?

In order to experience the freedom of smooth skin, you have to not only choose a quality laser center with a good team, but to also to be aware of the different types of laser hair removal and what the differences between them are. In order to help you, in this article we will tell you about the five types of laser hair removal – in an accessible language and without unnecessary terminology.


  • The oldest and least expensive method of laser hair removal
  • Only for people with light skin, dark hair and no pigmentations (like freckles)
  • Carries a high risk of skin discoloration

This is the oldest method for removal of unwanted hair. It uses a synthetic ruby-shaped crystal that delivers the lazer’s light energy to the deep layers of the skin. The laser’s wavelength is short (<700 nanometers), which increases the risk of skin discoloration. This is why ruby laser hair removal is suitable only for people with very light skin, dark hair and an even complexion.

The duration of this type of laser hairremoval is extremely long, and you are very likely to feel pain. The price is often very low, but this does not at all justify the risk of skin discoloration. Even so, if you decide that ruby laser hair removal is the only choice you have, ask your therapist to do a test procedure in a more hidden zone of your body, to make sure your choice is safe for your body.


  • Uses a slightly longer wavelength
  • A quick method of treating larger zones
  • Recommended for people with light to medium light skin

In order to destroy hair follicles, this type of laser hair removal uses a natural crystal called alexandrite. The light beam is slightly longer (at 755nm), which provides a more precise and deeper distribution of energy in the treated area. Some types of alexandrite lasers have a so-called pulsating mode, which is effective in treating larger areas (such as the back or legs).

Although safer than ruby, the alexandrite laser again carries the risk of skin discoloration and is therefore not recommended for people with darker complexions.


  • Recommended for people with very dark skin
  • Not suitable for those with light complexions
  • Not an effective way for removing lighter and thinner hair

This method is among the ‘youngest’ means of hair removal. It again uses a synthetically created crystal, called a neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet, which creates the conditions for directing a longer wavelength of light (up to 1064 nm).

The longer wavelength light beam does not affect the melanin in the skin, but only that in the hair and its follicle. This makes hair removal with the ND:YAG laser completely safe for people with darker complexions, however those with light skin will need many more treatments, which increase the cost of the entire laser hair removal course.


  • The gold standard in laser hair removal
  • Suitable for people with darker skin, as well as those with lighter complexion

Diode lasers (such as Venus Velocity) have become the gold standard because of their safety, high performance and ability to customize each laser procedure. The diode laser emits both longer and shorter beams of light, which not only target the hairs optimally, but also drastically reduce the risk of skin discoloration.

The laser procedures can be personalized to sit everyone, making the diode laser suitable for both darker- and lighter-skinned people.

In turn, Venus Velocity also has a built-in cooling system that makes laser procedures even more comfortable. Different area applicators allow treatment in both smaller and larger areas and provide the perfect balance between price and length of each session.

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